A pregnancy or baby loss whether due to a termination, miscarriage or stillbirth can be a very emotional experience for some women and their partners. Emotions such as grief, sadness, guilt, failure and emptiness can all be a normal response to what has happened.

It is important that you have the opportunity to speak to someone about these feelings and we can provide this support at TimeNorfolk. Our trained volunteer practitioners and counsellors are here to help you through the grieving process.

We offer support following

  • Miscarriage

  • Stillbirth

  • Termination

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We can help couples navigate the loss of a pregnancy, this can be done together or separately.

Many people feel very worried about being a parent, and when you’re still in shock from finding out about your pregnancy these fears can feel overwhelming. However, as the shock passes, you can begin to think more clearly, and address some of your fears. It can be helpful during this time to consider your feelings and values as well as your immediate fears.


We recognise that men can also be deeply affected by a pregnancy loss, termination, miscarriage or stillbirth and welcome referrals from men.

Whether you are a partner, father or concerned relative, we are happy to talk to you confidentially and offer appropriate help where we can.


To speak to someone, please call 01603 482732 or complete our self referral form.