Our Vision: "For wellbeing support to be available to anyone in Norfolk and Waveney who experiences mental health challenges due to a pregnancy choice, pregnancy loss or other pregnancy related issue."

We provide support to anyone...

  • Who has experienced pregnancy loss through miscarriage, termination, ectopic pregnancy or stillbirth

  • With an unplanned pregnancy*

  • Needing support through their pregnancy

  • Experiencing infertility or secondary infertility

  • Experiencing perinatal mental health problems

We provide inclusive support across Norfolk to anyone who has been affected by pregnancy loss. To make an appointment or speak to someone, please contact us.

*Please note that although we can offer advice on available options, we do not refer women directly for termination of pregnancy.


Our Norwich hub was opened in 1999 and quickly grew to cover the whole of Norfolk. We currently have 7 paid part-time staff and over 25 volunteers with hubs in Norwich, Great Yarmouth and Kings-Lynn.

Our Aims Are:

To preserve and protect women and men’s mental health, and the mental health of their partners and families and to advance the education of the public by:

1 - Offering impartial and confidential counselling and holistic support for the wellbeing of anyone in distress as a result of, and to promote understanding of, the issues surrounding:

- Pregnancy Loss (Miscarriage, Stillbirth, Ectopic Pregnancy and Termination)

- Pregnancy Choices

- Pregnancy Support

- Perinatal Mental Health Problems

- Infertility and Secondary Infertility

- Birth Trauma

- Neonatal Death (up to 12 months)

2 - Supporting people to make an informed choice regarding their options: termination, adoption, or parenting, with referral to appropriate agencies; and

3 - by such other means as the trustees may in their absolute discretion determine may further the above objectives.