Mission Statement

"TimeNorfolk supports women and men who have suffered a pregnancy loss due to termination, miscarriage, stillbirth or facing an unplanned pregnancy. We also support women through pregnancy to the early stages of parenting. In addition to the above, we help women come to terms with infertility."

TimeNorfolk is a registered charity with the aim of supporting women and men who:

  • Who has experienced pregnancy loss through miscarriage, termination, ectopic pregnancy or stillbirth

  • With an unplanned pregnancy*

  • Needing support through their pregnancy

  • Needing support for other pregnancy related issues

  • Experiencing infertility or secondary infertility

  • Experiencing pre or postnatal depression


The Norwich centre was opened in 1999 and quickly grew to cover the whole of Norfolk. We currently have 6 paid part-time staff and over 20 volunteers with hubs in Norwich, Great Yarmouth and Kings-Lynn.

Our Aims Are:

To support anyone in distress as a result of pregnancy, birth, pregnancy loss, termination or infertility. To support pregnant women and their partners to make an informed choice regarding their options: termination, adoption, or parenting, with referral to appropriate agencies.

We recognise that men can be deeply affected by an unplanned pregnancy, miscarriage or termination and that for many women the involvement and support of their partner is vitally important, both in the termination decision and in their recovery, therefore our services are also available to men.