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Coping with Mental Health Challenges During Baby Loss Awareness Week 9th – 15th October 2023

Baby Loss Awareness Week is approaching, and we recognise that this can be an emotionally charged time, particularly if you've recently experienced loss or are grappling with mental health challenges. Your wellbeing is our utmost priority, and it's completely acceptable to focus on self-care during this period.

Participate in Awareness Activities

If you feel emotionally prepared and wish to engage in Baby Loss Awareness Week, we offer several meaningful ways to get involved, honour the week, and help raise awareness about baby loss in your community.

Story Sharing

One of our core values is the importance of individual stories. Every voice deserves to be heard. During Baby Loss Awareness Week, we will be amplifying storytelling on our social media channels. You can contribute to raising awareness by liking and sharing these posts, thereby reaching a broader audience.

Community Event with East Anglian Children's Hospice

On Sunday, 8th October, we are partnering with East Anglian Children's Hospice for an afternoon event at The Nook from 2 to 4 pm. You're invited to join us in remembering your baby and participating in a memory-making activity with other parents who have experienced baby loss. To attend, please email use here:

TimeNorfolk Book of Remembrance

Would you like to leave a lasting tribute? Our book of remembrance offers a space for your words to be immortalised as you remember your baby. Your message can serve as a tribute to your own child or offer comfort to others who have experienced baby loss. To contribute, just email Ruth by clicking here: and we will include your words in the book and send you a photo of your entry.

Annual Service of Remembrance

On Sunday, 8th October at 6 pm, we are hosting our annual remembrance service at Norwich Cathedral. For full details, visit Eventbrite.

Fundraising: Time to Bake

Would you like to make a positive impact during Baby Loss Awareness Week? Consider hosting a 'Time to Bake' sale. Sign up, and we'll send you a fundraising pack. For more information, visit TimeNorfolk Bake.

Global Wave of Light

On 15th October at 7 pm, join others worldwide in lighting a candle in memory of your baby or babies. Whether you're alone or with loved ones, candles will be lit globally for this special wave of light. To share your photos, use the hashtag #WaveOfLight and tag TimeNorfolk in your post.

Baby Loss Awareness Week provides various avenues for you to remember your baby. Whether you choose to share your story, join a community event, or simply light a candle, remember that your wellbeing is always the priority.


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