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Time to Bake  


You can make a difference during Baby Loss Awareness Week  by holding a bake sale fundraiser in aid of TimeNorfolk.  Raise funds and help us to be there for others affected by pregnancy loss, baby loss and pregnancy choices.  

How to get involved: 

Sign Up: Fill out our registration form HERE to show your interest in hosting a bake sale during Baby Loss Awareness Week. We'll provide you with a free bake sale pack containing TimeNorfolk cake flags, posters, leaflets and information about how to promote your event. 

Spread the Word:

Share this web page with your friends, family, and colleagues. Encourage them to participate, either by hosting their own bake sales or by attending and supporting yours. We will provide you with a poster to help you promote your bake sale! 


Plan Your Bake Sale:

Let your creativity shine while planning your bake sale, you could decorate your space, offer a delivery service within your office or go with a theme. You could hold it at your workplace, school, community centre, or even your front garden! 

Baking and Donations:

Whip up some delicious treats that will entice everyone's taste buds. Get your family, friends, and coworkers involved in baking cupcakes, cookies, cakes, and other goodies. Encourage people to contribute their baked goods and make a monetary donation to support TimeNorfolk. 

Raise Awareness:

Your bake sale is an opportunity to educate those around you about baby loss and the support that TimeNorfolk offers. We can provide you with leaflets and posters that might spark conversations.   



Set a fundraising goal for your bake sale and let people know what you're aiming to achieve. Every pound raised will go directly to TimeNorfolk and make a difference in someone's life. After your bake sale you can pay in your money via our JustGiving Page: by making a donation. Alternatively you can pay your money in directly via bacs by emailing  

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