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If you are pregnant and have a decision to make, we provide non-directive support; giving you the space and time to think through your options.


If you think your contraception might have failed, or you didn’t use contraception and you had sex recently, there are methods of emergency contraception available.

Further information about emergency contraception is available through the NHS website.



If you feel unsure about continuing with your pregnancy then you might want to consider having a termination. Some people have strong views about terminations and so it’s important that you decide for yourself what you want to do.

We offer impartial support to help you decide whether a termination is the right choice for you, and can support you before and after your termination.

Further information about termination is available via the NHS website or at the British Pregnancy Advisory Service website.


If you don’t feel ready to be a parent, but have conflicting feelings about terminating your pregnancy, you may want to consider adoption.

You may feel that you are not in a position to give your child the kind of life you would like them to have, or that you are unable to be a parent at this time. Open adoption allows you to follow your child’s progress and have some contact with them.

Having a baby adopted can be emotionally difficult, so it is important that you get all the support you need. We can help you consider your options and give you emotional support during your pregnancy if this is something you would like to do.

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