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We're committed to sharing our unique knowledge and expertise to support individuals and communities affected by pregnancy loss, baby loss, and pregnancy choices. We believe that education is a powerful tool for change, which is why we offer a range of education and training initiatives to support individuals, workplaces, bereavement, health and wellbeing professionals.

NHS Wellbeing Practitioner Training


We understand the unique challenges that perinatal mental health can present, which is why we offer dedicated training for NHS Wellbeing Practitioners. Our training program equips practitioners with the knowledge and skills to identify individuals who may be experiencing perinatal mental health challenges. We believe that by providing this training, we can support individuals and communities to receive the best possible care and support.

Training for Wellbeing, Health and Bereavement Professionals


We believe that it is essential to build the knowledge and skills of health, bereavement, and wellbeing professionals to support individuals and families affected by pregnancy loss, baby loss, and pregnancy choices. To this end, we offer bi-annual training for professionals who wish to develop their knowledge and skills in this area. Our training covers a range of topics, including bereavement support, trauma-informed care, and self-care for professionals.

Online Resources


We understand the importance of reaching a younger demographic and providing accessible resources for those who may not have access to traditional support services. To this end, we are committed to researching and developing new online resources to engage a younger demographic. Our resources include videos, social media content, and online training that cover a range of topics related to pregnancy loss, baby loss, and pregnancy choices.

If you would like to learn more about our education initiatives please email us at We look forward to working with you to create a better future for those around us.

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